Children entering School Age Swim Stage 6 should be able to swim 25 yards of front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. Students refine stroke technique on all major competitive strokes, learn about competitive swimming and discover how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle.

Kettle Moraine YMCA Swim Lesson Levels

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In Stroke Mechanics, your child will:

  • Swim the front crawl for 50 yards and do a flip turn
  • Breaststroke for 50 yards and do an open turn
  • Butterfly for 25 yards
  • Back crawl for 25 yards and do a flip turn
  • Sidestroke or elementary backstroke for 50 yards
  • Dive from a standing position (West Washington Branch only)
  • Tread water for one minute and retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool
  • Swim any combination of strokes for 150 yards


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