Preschoolers develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to perform basic self-rescue skills with assistance. Preschool Swim Stage 1 is for students who aren’t yet comfortable going underwater voluntarily. This stage is offered with or without a parent.

Kettle Moraine YMCA Swim Lesson Levels

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In Water Acclimation, your child will:

  • Bob to submerge in the water
  • Front and back glide to the wall for five feet with help
  • Front and back float for 10 seconds with help
  • Roll from back to front and front to back with help
  • Jump, push, turn, grab with help
  • Swim, float, swim 10 feet with help
  • Exit the water



For the child not quite ready to swim without the parent.  Transition between parent and instructor throughout first half of session.  Focus is on learning to listen to an instructor, becoming comfortable in the water and safely exploring movement in the water.


Children entering this level should be comfortable working with an instructor without a parent in the water.  Students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.


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